richard krantz, artist based in Malmö and Stockholm, Sweden.
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1000 milliliter hydrological cycle
1 frozen bottle of evian water, 1 frozen bottle of volvic water, 1 empty evian bottle, 1 empty volic bottle

By Richard Krantz and Tim Dalzell, as part of the Exotic Matter-exhibition, 2012.

This piece was developed from the film 1500 milliliter hydrological circle, that recorded the movement of water from 3 branded water bottles to different bottles. In order to make the video a ‘live’ sculpture we froze an Evian and a Volvic water bottle and over the course of the exhibition allowed them to melt in to the ‘wrong’ bottle. The bottles are supported by black metal poles and water-proof tape. For the exhibiton, the bottles were placed in front of an existing radiator in the exhibition space.

It also simulates natures' own hydrological cycle.