richard krantz, artist based in Malmö and Stockholm, Sweden.
Works everywhere.


lasercut layered MDF, spray paint
approx 30x20x10 cm each

By Tim Dalzell and Richard Krantz.

K’Nex connector pieces scaled up to 8 times their original size. The blue and pink pieces are ‘fictional’ creations; they were never K’Nex pieces but instead were drawn out by Tim and myself.

We were interested in their ‘sci-fi’ aesthetic and geometrical qualities. By scaling them up and presenting them on stacked bricks we aimed to blur their original context and function, perhaps suggesting that they could be industrial/construction objects.

Glasgow School of Art, 2013
C/ Atocha 43 (local), Spain, 2013

installation view from the group show webookedthespacesaweekbeforedegreeshow.jpeg at the Glasgow Shool of Art.