richard krantz, artist based in Malmö and Stockholm, Sweden.
Works everywhere.


#2518, 2536, 2563, 2566, 3958
cardboard, MDF, plaster, spray paint, approx 300 liters of juice, paddling pool

Height of the tree; approx 1,3m

By Richard Krantz & Tim Dalzell.

A work made collaboratively with Tim Dalzell that features a lego palm tree scaled up to around 6 and a half times the original (13:2).
The tree itself is made from cardboard, mdf, plaster and spray paint. The scale was chosen in attempt to create an awkward object that didn’t reach the height of a real palm tree but made apparent the differences between the Lego creation and the ‘real’ thing.
By using juice and attempting to create an island on the water, our aim was to create artificial feelings of the ‘exotic’. Adding to the smell created by the juice were scent’s provided by Clara Ursitti providing a fruity, pineapple smell around the gallery, further adding to these artificial representations of paradise.

The title is made up from the the individual serial numbers of the different lego parts replicated in the sculpture.

Glasgow School of Art, 2013