richard krantz, artist based in Malmö and Stockholm, Sweden.
Works everywhere.


Solo show at The Art School Uion / The Vic Gallery.
Running parallel with a solo show by Tim Dalzell, also titled "Beyond the oort clouds".

From the press release;
"Beyond The Oort Clouds, two parallel exhibitions by Tim Dalzell and Richard Krantz explores interpretations of a space that may exist on the boundaries between the real, the artificial and the virtual".

Works included in my part of the show [click on the links for more info / pictures of each work]:

- Disappointing Mirages [ii]
- Yamartino 1984 iiYamartino 1984 [ii]
- Forecast
-You have found a sword!
- Postcard from Pangea

Scroll down for some installation pictures etc.

Poster for the show