richard krantz, artist based in Malmö and Stockholm, Sweden.
Works everywhere.


Forecast, 2014
mixed media installation including: professional weather station with monitor, floor standing fan, 2 mist humidifiers, scaffolding pipe, wood, bricks, bucket, hoses, tubes, perspex etc.
~ 120x150x120cm (roughly the amount of space that the work takes up)

Watch video documentation here; scroll down further for images.

The installation circles around the idea of trying to 'confuse' a weather station, normally seen in gardens. The device measures humidity, how much it has rained the last 24h, the temperature and the wind speed. The weather station is hooked up via hoses to two humidifiers, one that is connected to the humidity sensor and one that is connected to the rain gauge. Above the rain gauge is a small box made out of perspex, causing the steam to condensate and and the drips fall down into the gauge. A bucket is standing underneath to catch the water when the rain gauge is full and empties itself.
There is also a large fan blowing air onto the device that measures the wind speed.